Aztron has been developing products and providing chemical cleaning services to Gulf Coast customers for over 30 years. During this time our product line has grown to over 350 products that will readily clean a wide range of both typical and unusual foulings.

General Purpose Cleaning Formulations

Aztron provides a wide range of general purpose detergents and degreasers to a variety of industries. These products are safe, effective and easy to apply. Simply foam on, allow to set, and rinse with water. Aztron’s detergents and degreasers will readily remove a wide range of foulings including light hydrocarbon contamination all the way up to crude oil, and can be safely applied to virtually all process equipment, piping and concrete. These products are biodegradable, compatible with waste water treatment systems, and come in ready-to-use dilutions or concentrates. In addition, our general purpose formulations are also available at both a neutral and alkaline pH, and in order to meet specific environmental requirements may be formulated with zero VOC’s and no NPE’s. 

Micro-Emulsion Degreasers

Aztron has developed a unique line of water and solvent micro-emulsions that are designed to treat and remove heavy fouling such as low gravity crudes, asphaltic materials, and tank bottoms.

These products have proven particularly effective in the Crude, Coker and Resid areas of petroleum refineries, and to clean exchangers on the Bundle Slab.  

In addition to their effectiveness, these products are non-combustible and are very safe to spray directly on hot process equipment.

Over 3,000,000 gallons of these micro-emulsions have been applied without a single flash or safety incident. In addition, a variety of solvents may be used in the micro-emulsions to address specific foulings and environmental concerns. 

Degassing and Decontamination Products

Our SysClean™ Degassing and Decontamination line of products provide exceptional removal of hydrocarbon fouling, and elimination of LEL, benzene, and H2S from product tanks and pipelines, distillation towers, reboilers, exchangers, pumps, and other process equipment. 136 Degassing and Decontamination projects have been completed in past three years without a single failure!  

The SysClean™ product line includes proprietary formulations that are used to clean and degas tanks and process equipment with crudes, light-end products, solvents, fuels, and alcohols, and also includes additional formulations specifically designed to remove heavy residual hydrocarbons from distillation towers and other process equipment.

Crude and product storage tanks are quickly and effectively cleaned and degassed by thoroughly saturating all contaminated surfaces with a 5% solution of the SysClean™ product applied at ambient temperatures. For the internal cleaning of distillation towers and other process equipment, the SysClean™ products are typically added directly to steam for vapor phase cleaning or diluted to 1-3% for heated circulations.

Based on the effectiveness of the SysClean™ products to quickly clean and reduce the LEL, benzene, and H2S to levels that allow immediate entry, Aztron has become an industry leader providing multiple tank cleaning companies and plant maintenance contractors with decontamination and degassing products.

For additional degassing product information, click the " SysClean™ Product Line" in the menu in the right margin. 

H2S Scavenger

Aztron's SysClean™ SCA is a non-hazardous product that was specifically developed to quickly and effectively treat high levels of H2S found in process vessels, scale, hydrocarbon foulings, and in sour water. The product may be used across a wide pH range and will react with the H2S to form a soluble, non-hazardous product. H2S concentrations up to 10,000 ppm have been successfully and cost effectively treated with SysClean™ SCA.