Fin Fan Cleaning

Over time the fins on air cooled heat exchangers become clogged with dirt, debris, and/or hydrocarbons that have entered the heat exchanger with the air from the fans. The detrimental effects of dirty Fin Fans are:

     Decreased cooling efficiency of the heat exchangers

     Losses in production rates

     Increased energy costs

     Adverse impact on units receiving feedstock from affected unit

     Lost profits

Even if there are an excess number of fans to ensure no bottleneck to production, consider what the cost is to run the “extra fans”. The annual cost to run each 10 HP motor at an estimated $0.10 per kWh is $5,160.00! Cleaning the fin fans on a routine basis may allow the customer to run fewer fans and more than pay for the cost of the cleaning. The bottom line is that dirty fin fan heat exchangers cost you money.

Low Pressure Foam Cleaning

Effectively cleaning fin fans is much more than just spraying a little soap and rinsing with water. Aztron uses a custom product formulated specifically for the fouling typically found clogging the fins, and cleans from both the top and bottom of the fans using a low pressure foam wash and rinse. By utilizing field proven products and cleaning procedures, Aztron is able to consistently achieve superior cleaning results.

The high quality of our fin fan cleaning services and the resulting improvement in heat transfer is specifically why the majority of the work for our fin fan customers is repeat business. In the past two years, Aztron has cleaned more fin fans in plants on the Gulf Coast than any other company. 

Two key elements of fin fan cleaning that distinguish Aztron from the competition:

The first element is the effectiveness of our Fin Safe™ chemical cleaning product. This product and our low pressure process for cleaning were specifically developed to thoroughly clean the fin fans without physically damaging the fins, and without leaving any chemical residue that would adversely impact the heat transfer at the surface of the fins. Fin Safe™ was developed and tested on actual sections of fin fan heat exchangers, and is only used for cleaning fin fans.

The second element that separates Aztron from the competitors is the thoroughness of our cleaning personnel. Many of our competitors will only spend a set amount of time cleaning each fin fan regardless of the fin fan condition. Also, very little time is usually spent ensuring complete coverage and cleaning of the entire fin fan. On the other hand, Aztron will carefully saturate the corners, edges, and all fin surfaces with our Fin Safe™ product. The Aztron personnel will then continue to foam, rinse, and inspect each fan until it is clean.

Although some companies use hydroblasting or high pressure chemical washing to clean the fin fan exchangers, these processes typically further decrease the performance of the exchangers by compacting the dirt and debris into the center of the fin fan section and damaging (bending) the fins on the top row of fans.  


In the past 20 years Aztron has cleaned thousands of fin fan heat exchangers with zero OSHA recordable or lost time injuries.

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Whether it is 2 or 500 fin fan heat exchangers, Aztron has the products, processes and the experienced personnel to thoroughly clean the external surfaces of your fin fan heat exchangers. To discuss your fin fan cleaning needs or to request a quote, please call Robert Fulkerson at 281-474-2227.